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PROMO "PACKAGE"(ready after November 1st)
Pick any shirt and type in the I.D. number at checkout in the message window.
Price: $50.00 $30.00
pic1)M.S.B.FITNESS (long)
black company logo
Price: $25.00
Enter Option Name:
pic2) M.S.B. FITNESS(long)
custom back
Price: $10.00
reverse back print with ur name/number:
M.S.B. Fitness 'HOODY"
black hoody
Price: $35.00
size sm-xxl :
MSB female's workout shirt( pic 1)
couple design
Price: $20.00
sz small(4-6) - XXL (20-22):
MSB unisex workout shirt(pic1)
couples unisex black
Price: $20.00
small -XXL (sizes are in mens):
MSB girls olympics (pic1)
just a matter of time
Price: $20.00
sz XS(2-4) - XL(18-20):
MSB girls olympics(pic 2)
Backside "dreams"
Price: FREE
MSB boys play shirt (pic 1)
the next rg3
Price: $20.00
sz XS(2-4) sm(6-8)- Med(10-12) LG(14-16) - XL( 18-20):
MSB boys play shirt (pic 2)
the next hesiman winner
Price: FREE
i..can mens workout shirt
mens joggin shirt
Price: $33.00
sz Sm to XXL:
pic 2) i can
backside "I did"
Price: FREE
kinky twist
Price: $23.00
sz sm(4-6) to XXL(20-22):
optional backside for "natural" shirt
Price: FREE
backside of "natural"
Price: FREE
Training = Men's workout shirt
Small Pic is of the 8 major food groups.
Price: $33.00
size small- XXL:
Training= Backside
"Abs are made in the kitchen".....(red) ..Not in the Gym!
Price: FREE
Couples workout shirts!
Have the year you met on the back of each shirt! When walking together everyone will know how long you guys been together!
Price: $65.00
Men(Sm-XXL) :
women sm(4-6) to XXL( 20-22):
Man's "couple" shirt
The male side of the shirt! reads..."Together" & begining yr.
Price: FREE
enter the first 2 digits of the year u met her.:
Female's "couple" shirt
the female side reads.."Since" & ending of the yr.
Price: FREE
enter the ending of the year u met him.:
No make-up Allowed Female
No make up
Price: $23.00
sm(4-6) Med(8-10) Lrg(12-14) XL(16-18) XXL(20-22):
No make-up backside
"They got just what u need my Pretty"
Price: FREE
Yoda female shirt
Price: $23.00
sm(4-6) Med(8-10) Lrg(12-14)XL(16-18) XXL(20-22):
Backside Yoda
"Long enough, u have been on this Machine"
Price: FREE
work in progress
work in progress female
Price: $23.00
backside"work in progress"
only a wish
Price: FREE
Hair or health "Pink"
hair or health workout shirt.
Price: $20.00
hair or health "pink"
Price: FREE
NEW Hair "&" Health shirt!
The updated version say "&" instead of "or"
Price: $23.00
backside of hair &
Wont let one get in the way of the other!
Price: FREE
You can also see more about M.S.B. Fitness on our facebook page!

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