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My belief about health&fitness is the more information you have the better. There is no such thing as too much information when it comes to buying a product or service from someone on such a personal level like a personal trainer. I know there are people that like things quick,simple and straight to the point and for those people I may not be the the trainer for you.The lack of patience to learn more about your possible future trainer, tells me that you were not planning on using me in the first place or that you wont stick with it long enough to get results! Most women could not even make it to page two!

Most of you are here on the site because of my business card or car door advertisement and that means we met on the street or my card was passed to you by a mutual friend or co-worker. So if you have my business card then we did not get a chance to do a lot of talking with each other on the street and I could not sell myself like I really would have like to. I believe i will have a better chance of gaining you as a client after you have read this profile of me.

Part of my system is the belief that getting your muscles active and pumped BEFORE you get on the treadmill will create a fat burning hormone in the body to burn fat twice as fast. Just imagine running a race with one hand tied behind your back, yes it can be done and you will reach your goal but just imagine how much faster you would get there if both hands were free. Running on the treadmill without prior muscle stimulation first is just like you running that race with one hand tied behind your back.

Women also have to understand that just losing layers and layers of fat will NOT automatically make them look good. Yes if you lose 40lbs of fat in 3 months you will be able to squeeze into a pair of those tight jeans and make your butt look good (in those jeans)but we all know when those jeans come off, your butt will drop and sag and look soft and mushy with dimples.That is because fat itself has no shape or structure. If you put a hunk of fat on the table, it will just be a blob of oily, lumpy material but it will conform to whatever item you put it in and that is why so many females can look good in a pair of tight jeans but look completely different after the jeans come off. Toning up is different than building bulky muscles! When I myself want to tone and burn fat and get ripped, I decrease the load and increase the reps. If i have you doing 15-20 reps on a exercise, I can assure you that your body will not think it needs to "bulk" itself up or add more muscle just to handle that light load.The muscle will just get over worked and fatigue and then burn all the glucose in the muscle and search out for the fuel source nearby for a fast recovery fuel source and that is what we want.Muscles ONLY get bigger to store more ATP and Creatine so a man can move/push more weight! Just picture a water balloon with water, the more water you can hold the more damage that balloon can do. The more fuel the muscle can hold because it is bigger, the more the man can move! Muscles are not on the body for looks like most men think.

Most of these dvd home trainers tell women bad things about the gym only to keep them from going to the gym. They know it is mainly women who fear the gym and mainly women who buy those at home "get in shape" dvds. Listen ladies, without the "MOTIVATION" with it, those dvds will just collect dust. Women tend to get bored easier and that is why there is such a variety of workout videos out there, but if your goal is about pure results rather than "just" fun and entertainment then stick with what has worked for over 80yrs!

As u see in this picture above, its the body fat percentage that can even make even a man look softer. I was on the website of "Buffy the body" and she said she was just 14% body fat. I myself being a trainer and looking at her, i knew that wasn't the actual amount but many women will try to get it down that low and that is what will make you have that "mannish" look you all fear! In this pic below u will see i am about 8-10%. I took this "bathroom selfie" because any trainer can take "model style" picture of themselves and have the perfect lighting and a professional to airbrush it to hide many flaws but a bathroom "selfie" is as real as it gets without being live! There are plenty of guys bigger than me but the good thing is that i am 40yrs old and I still can enjoy the foods i love! Those super human mutants or very razor cut guys are on strict diets and supplements and most of them are going that hard for competition etc! I sure hope they arent killing themselves just to walk the the street and flex. Going through all that hard training and super strict dieting just to look like a super action figure hero only to wake up everyday just like me and live a regular day to day life is crazy. The Super hero The Incredible Hulk is incredible looking but you do not hear many women saying they want to sleep with him either. Guys getting super big are getting attention like the incredible Hulk would get attention but it doesnt mean you are healthy or attractive. Believe it or not but a woman with higher fat percentage can be looked at as healthier than a very lean and thin woman! The "before" & "After" picture of "The (Slimmer)Rock" below got more "likes" from women than the muscled up movie look Mr Rock did. So men, its not all about how much you can lift or how big you can get but how it is all put together and that takes time but can be done( as you see in the top photo)!

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