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As you see in this picture of me here last year at 40 years old, i am not the biggest guy on the block but i have greater symmetrical shape than most of those big steroid beefy guys. Do not pick a trainer because he is the biggest,but pick him because of his knowledge on HOW TO TRAIN and ability to motivate. Having workout dvds sitting by the tv is just not enough motivation to make you do it when you should.You will go from doing the DVDs 4-5 times a week to 1-2 times a week then to 1-2 times a month and then you will have them on Ebay or Craiglist trying to get at least half your money back!

Passion is the key and if you talked with me on the street then you already know this is my passion and you can read how serious i am about this from this site.! Having clients also keeps the trainers motivated. We need you just like you need us! Once again "MOTIVATION IS THE KEY", I cant stress that enough! Even if you get a personal trainer but he/she just sees you as just a pay check, you will feel the difference with him and you will be doing more of watching the clock and waiting on the session to end rather than enjoying the experience. Most trainers are still on the old style of believing "no pain ,no gain" and that is true to a certain degree,but for the average person walking the streets who is looking for mild weight loss and good health, then you do not need to get broke down on your first few days of training!

What some trainers don't realize is that there is more to training than just keeping count for their client while they do the workout! How many trainers do you see that do not look like they themselves workout? Those are the ones that are there because they either USE TO BE a star or they USE TO BE a body builder and their name/credentials alone is what got them the job at the gym or that gym just plain needed more trainers and hired anybody. My favorite are the trainers that were under weight as a kid and now as a adult they have put on a few pounds and look normal now . They then join a gym and become a personal trainer because so many people talk about how good they look(in clothes). I know a vegan trainer that looks very lean in his clothes but with his shirt off he has a little pot belly and was asking me what i do to get my 6 pack! Some of them may know the knowledge of the game and what to do but they will lack the passion and motivation that it takes to keep your interest. It is obvious with their physical appearance that they must have gave up on staying fit themselves some time ago and now these same trainers are suppose to be there to motivate you to stick with it?Without their own passion for fitness or their own motivation to keep themselves in shape, they will have a hard time knowing how to keep you wanting to comeback for more! This picture below is of me years ago and as you can see i have actually "been there and done that" with the fat issue unlike some trainers who never saw a fat day in their life. I was 260lbs in that picture. My dad is 5'9 about 190 lbs and as you can see i am looking like a monster compared to him! I had high blood pressure and low energy but it was NOT just fast food/junk food that did that to me! It was life's stresses and we ALL will get that at one point in life. I had no time to workout and my eating habits(times i was eating) were terrible! I will talk more about eating habits on the next pages.

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