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Now lets talk about food and eating habits and the science behind dieting. Most trainers tell you to watch your diet and even have certain types of plans that they want you to try where you eat very light and cut out carbs and cut calories down to below 1000 a day. I believe in a different style of dieting. In the picture above, you see me buying a 6 pack of beer on my Tv show last year. Beer itself is not the problem, but how we abuse the beer is the problem. I drink beer and still have 6 pack abs but i do not drink as much as i did when i was fat years ago!

If you workout out,then you should never speak the words "cutting carbs" or "low protein diets"! You will be surprised how much fat you will lose if you just never starve yourself or even allow your body to get hungry. When you go 6 hours without eating (and you are not sleeping), your body will go into safe/survival modes and slow your metabolism down. This is the safety measures your body does to protect itself just like the Chrysler Hemi engine does to save gas. The Hemi will shut down 4 of its 8 cylinders to preserve gas while at highway speeds. Your body shuts down your metabolism to protect your organs and prevent itself from going into the catabolic state which is your own body eating itself to survive. You might think catabolic state sounds like a good thing because it eats away extra weight on the body, right? No,the problem with that theory is your body is like a machine and just like your car can not run on gas alone, neither can your body just run on fat alone.

Your car needs oil,radiator fluid ,etc to run.The same goes for our bodies. We also need a combination of fuels to keep the body running properly. Once we get over 60% of your VO2(oxygen intake) during exercise,then fat cannot be used for fueling purposes. I will explain more on that personally with you because everyone's body is different and right now i am speaking just in general but your body is not like your favorite Instagram model that you have been following to get workout tips from. As your trainer i will map out what YOUR BODY needs are and the carb/fat/protein ratio your body type(Ecto,Endo,Meso) will need to get your metabolism burning again. All that depends on your goal and how often and hard we will workout. When you go 6 hours without anything in your body(regardless of the body type), your body goes to "safe mode". The problem now is when you finally do get to eat, you will be so hungry that you will eat more than your body actually needs. That is your body now switching to "survival mode" which will make you eat more than you need so it can be able to store more fat for reserve.

. We sometimes think because we were hungry at one point of time but now 20 mins later we are not anymore ,that we can keep going and wait till later to eat and our body will be fine.That is not true,your body will never let itself get on "empty" or completely drained. That is the false sense of security that our bodies gives us and makes us think we can handle another hour without eating but in reality, your body has already begun to eat on itself but you just dont know it.

Have you ever wondered why it is so easy to pack fat on your body but so hard to build muscle? Muscle is mainly for mechanical purposes and if your body is not out of its normal realm of doing motion or you are not pushing it to the extra limits, then your body will not want to add more muscle mass to your body's frame just to be a extra mouth to feed. Unlike muscle, fat does not require a energy source like muscle does. Fat provides instant source of fuel and is easy to burn. Muscle has to be broken down and will take longer to get the fuel to the needed sources and it takes energy/calories to feed muscle. Its like the difference between a steak dinner and a a big piece of cake.The cake will make you feel good and give you that "right now" energy while the steak will be like a slow burning log on a fire and you wont get the heat from it until later when the log gets hot. Fat also provides insulation and warmth for the body which is another reason why the body loves it( the old famous 2 for 1 deal). Muscle has no other benefit for your body other than mechanics(not a good heat insulator either) so that is why when you get older and become less active in your lifestyle,the body begins to eat away at your muscle that you do not use anymore.

Muscle does not actually TURN into fat like a lot of people think. Your body will burn the muscle for a food source and just like any food you consume when your body is in "survival mode" it will store some of the foods portion as the body's favorite dish which is fat and feed the rest of the body to maintain itself. So fat is more like a byproduct of the combination of what happens when your getting older and less active and not using your muscles as often and still eating like a teenager. A inactive body will always chose to have fat on it rather than muscle. Understand this, your body will always be a fat making machine even if you do not eat much at all!

Now for those liquid diets that the star celebrities like Beyonce ,Tyra banks and Oprah and now Steve harvey have women thinking is such a great thing. Just think about how often their weight jumps up and down throughout the years. Yes you will lose weight very quickly because its fluid weight you will lose first. Its like when a body builder cycles off of creatine, his body drops a lot of water and he loses 15 or more pounds in less than 1 week(the Biggest Loser example earlier). The phrase "flushing your body out" is doing just that, you are flushing out extra fluids,water and toxins. Trust me I know all about trying to get 5-10lbs off our body in just a few days because I wrestled in high school and "making weight" was a big deal to us! There are a few certain things they do not tell you about those diets that we as wrestlers learned the hard way. Your brain can ONLY use glucose for fuel (h=n/c Dr. Joel Fuhrman) and your body will get glucose from the amino acids stored in your muscles when you are starving yourself and sending your body into catabolic state. After about 3 weeks of not supplying your body with the proper food intake it needs ,your brain will also kick into survival mode and now make food more like a DRUG to you rather than just for nourishment and energy and thats when you are finding yourself sneaking out late night itching and scratching while looking for a Krispy Kremes at 4 am! It will only make it harder for you to stay on any diet once your brain has given up on the diet because you are bringing it close to a level it does not want to be at. After this happens, I dont care who your trainer is and how much you want to lose weight with him , that will be all she wrote on your training and dieting program! Getting most of your calories from a liquid can also be bad for you. As a baby we only ate a liquid diet because our stomach was not ready for hard foods yet. We had to wait until our body was able to digest those foods. The digesting of real foods like a steak makes the body burn energy to digest those foods and helps keep the metabolism running strong. When you go on those "juice diets", you are giving your body's metabolism a unneeded break period and when you do go back to regular foods full time, the metabolism will have to catch up and you will have a greater chance of storing fat.

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