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Now with my plan, I want you to focus on the period right before you feel hungry. That is the key timeline here. You do not want to eat too soon but eating too late is worse. Start off with the 3hr plan, and try to eat something every 3 hours. This does not mean eating heavy foods like burgers and fries every 3 hours, but fruits and snack bars. I love my Payday bars and I keep them in the car all the time. Lets say your big family dinner will be at 6pm, well do not skip your 3pm snack because you think dinner is coming so soon and there will be a lot of food to eat up! Even if you had a 2pm snack but by 5pm you have that slight hunger feeling, DO NOT WAIT TILL DINNER to eat because by that time you will have already been in safe mode.This is a good example on how everybody is different. When you do finally prepare that big special dinner at 6pm and you have just had a snack at 5pm, your body will not eat as much and yes you will be hungry again by 9pm or so but your body will not have stored as much fat during the time you will be eating. Allow your body to feel secure that you will feed it when it calls on you to feed it and do not miss a time and you will see your own body burn its own fat for fuel and stop storing it for later.

To the right is me again and at 41yrs old , I can eat pizza, drink beer and eat cake and still stay lean and trim.The news article is a recent flyer showing this was not a picture of me when i was 25 years old. My body has stop storing as much fat as it use to. If you saw the picture on the previous page of me at 260lbs, then you would know that i would never do anything to get me back to that size! If i thought it was the FOOD alone that got me sick and unhealthy i can assure you i would not take a chance of eating that type of food again to take a chance of getting big like that again! My metabolism now is so fast that nothing sticks. If you let your body get into "safe mode" your body will be like a hungry dog and take in everything it can get as fat for later, thinking this maybe all it will get for awhile. Its so easy for your body to get fat because a lot of food already has fat in them. Last I checked, there were no foods that listed on the ingredients side label that it comes already packed with slabs/grams of muscles.

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