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Pictures / Examples

These are my VIP clients who each had different goals at the start! The top picture Pam wanted to trim down her waistline and at 46yrs of age, having the biggest butt was not a concern anymore for her. We leaned her down and now she has the body AND HEALTH of a track star! The second pic is Ms Lovie and she came to me almost four years ago. it took a lot longer for her because of her busy lifestyle and small kids but in 3 years i got her down to a healthy 135lbs weight class. The last is one of my favorites! Ms Shay(at bottom), she had it going on when i met her at the club as u can see from the first pic! Many men would be happy with what she looked like at first but the most important thing was that she wasn't happy or healthy! The first picture to the left is how she looked when i first met her.almost a year ago. Just eight months later you can see she has also trimmed and leaned out! Shay wanted to make sure she did not lose her butt so we actually made it look bigger by adding more muscle UNDERNEATH the fat! That is the key to gaining size but still looking and feeling soft like a lady should. She also was borderline on the edge of high blood pressure. being a chef here in Atlanta it was easy for her to get her hands on the best foods and her favorites was spicy foods. We cut most of that out and got her more of a weight training program(to keep and add to her butt) and she now is very happy! Health is always my number one thing and vanity comes second! I always tell my clients that i first got my body HEALTHY and then this new body i made was just a "by-product" of me getting healthy! We have a Nurse Practitioner on our team and she makes sure the vitals of my clients are looking as good as the body! Whats the point of getting this great new body and then dying 5 years later from a heart attack?

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